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The conference "Scalars 2015" will be held in Warsaw in December 2015. The meeting is organized jointly by the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw and the Polish Physical Society. 

The conference will take place at the OCHOTA campus of the University of Warsaw. It will start on December 4 (Friday morning) and ends on December 7 (Monday evening). On December 3, the registration (5.30-7 pm) and the welcome reception (7-10 pm) will take place.


The conference "Scalars 2015" is a continuation of "Scalars 2011" and "Scalars 2013". This year event, as the previous ones aims at being an opportunity to discuss various aspects of physics of scalar particles. In particular we plan to cover the following issues:


  1. Standard Model Higgs boson
  2. Extensions of the minimal scalar sector of the Standard Model(SM), e.g. multi-Higgs Models
  3. Composite Higgs bosons
  4. Effective field theory approach to Higgs physics
  5. Fundamental scalars in supersymmetric extensions of the SM
  6. New scalars implied by extensions of the SM gauge group, e.g. SU(2)_L x SU(2)_R x U(1)
  7. Scalars within models of neutrino masses
  8. Elementary scalars within extra dimensions: gauge-Higgs unification, stabilization of extra dimensions, radions, bulk scalars, etc...
  9. Higgs bosons on the lattice
  10. Scalars in cosmology (dark matter, baryogenesis, inflatons, axions, quintesence)
  11. Experimental search for scalar particles
  • LHC
  • Tevatron
  • low energy colliders
  • future colliders